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Emergency Communications Network has built an Emergency Telephone Network (ETN) database of resident contact information for use in critical situations. By entering your contact details, you will be added to a nationwide database accessed exclusively for critical community alerts and emergency situations.

Should your community license CodeRED, now or in the future, the information you enter will automatically be added to communications they create for any number of critical situations including evacuation warnings, bio-terrorism alerts, and boil water notices.

Additionally, national organizations such as A Child is Missing may utilize CodeRED to send messages to a targeted geographic area where a missing child has been reported.

Future uses of the ETN database could include Alerting Authorities accessing contact information through the CodeRED system to augment IPAWS as an additional Alert Disseminator to send Presidential Alerts, Imminent Threat Alerts and AMBER Alerts to landlines and mobile phone numbers in support of the FEMA program.

Rest assured, the information provided remains private and will only be used to contact you for emergency situation or critical community alerts.

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